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Replicating an image (Per x amount of points)?

TwilightHunterTwilightHunter Posts: 146Member
edited November -1 in Working with GS (Mac)
Hey, quick question, sounds do-able to me but... Say I replicate like a coin image for the amount of coins you have, I don't want 100 coin images on the screen, so is it possible to only replicate the image for say every 10 coins you get?
And another question, don't think you can but I gotta ask... Is it possible to implement your own font into GameSalad?
Thanks in advance fellas!


  • TwilightHunterTwilightHunter Posts: 146Member
    Ah... Just figured it out. replicate image: game.playercoins /5 (5 or 10 or whatever)
    Woot! Still need that Font question answered though :P
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