<b>Chartboost FREE $100 credit!</b>

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Here’s How to Get Your $100 in Ad Credit

•Download the free Chartboost Android SDK here and integrate it into your Amazon mobile game (get instructions here)
•Submit your mobile game through the Amazon Developer Portal and publish to the Amazon Appstore (follow this short video tutorial here to learn how to easily submit and publish your mobile game)
•Fill out this form here with your first and last name, company name, email and link for your published app on the Amazon Appstore
•Add your app to Chartboost by following the instructions here
•Create a live network publishing campaign for your mobile game (find instructions here)
•After your campaign is verified, you’ll receive a $100 ad credit within a month—and do a happy dance

Unfortunately I have already published apps to the amazon app store but I hope someone can benefit from this.


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