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Mini-Map Help!

GameCre8torGameCre8tor Posts: 49Member
edited November -1 in Working with GS (Mac)
Hi guys,

My new game "Space Quest" has a minimap which I just put in (Following the tutorial by Toby on GameSalad). I got my "player" actor's little green dot on the radar working fine, but in my game there are two different enemies that spawn at random locations on my map every 10 or so seconds. My question is how do I make a red dot for EACH INSTANCE of the enemies every time they spawn and the dots to track each of the enemy instances. (N.B there may be more than one instance of each enemy actor on the screen at the same time).

Any help will be much appreciated. If someone could please either post a comment telling me how I could do this, or a selection of screenshots showing the behaviours each actor should have.

Thank you,

P.S A link to my game


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