My first game ever "Animal Fart & Poop" released for iOS...

johnnymagnejohnnymagne NorwayMember Posts: 112

After discussions with my 3 year old daughter, playing around on my iPad, she demanded a farting app. So I made her a promise to make it. I had never done it before, so I started searching the web for possible solutions. Then I discovered Gameslad. While carrying my 7month youngest daughter on my arm, standing with her and my Mac on the kitchen counter, I discovered the ease of game development with Gamesalad, making a white block move in respond to a touch and knock out another block on its way; eureka! I could make the farting app for my daughter!

Some months later, I have my first game ready! It would not be possible without all the people and threads here at the community - thank you everyone for contributing with all the bits an pieces I needed! I have been using all kinds of graphic and sound resources, so the game do not at all have an overall look to it. If I released the code to the public, you would probably all puke - but what the heck - I made it! And best of all: My daughter loves it!

So thank you Gamesalad, thank you all community contributors (you are too many to be mentioned), please let me know what you think at:


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