Creator 1.24 is now available for Mac and Windows. Custom Collision Shapes!

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Creator 1.24


Mac Creator 1.24.35 Fixes:

  • Fixed a crash with copy and pasting actors and scenes

Windows Creator 1.24.5800.20800 Fixes:

  • Fixed Audio preview not working

  • Native preview graphics requirements have been relaxed. This should allow it to run on lower end hardware.

  • Fixed a bug that caused actor selection / manipulation to crash after reverting certain instance attributes to prototype.

Engine 1.24 Fixes:

  • Fixed iOS Viewer crashing on second play

  • Updated Box2D to 2.3.2 for Custom Collision support and to fix a physics crash with certain projects

  • Optimization pass done on changing scenes. You should notice scene changes being faster than before.

  • Images should not load / unload as often as before when changing scenes.

  • Fixed a bug that caused images to be loaded multiple times when using ChangeImage with some image names.

  • Fixed textLength expression function to support foreign characters properly.

  • General optimization pass on expressions. They should load and execute faster than before.

Known Issues:

  • Android performance has suffered a bit. We are looking into the issue and will try to have a fix out as soon as possible.


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