CHORDiCA XL (made with GS) gets 5 stars from Linn Brown (songwriter)

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Just wanted to share some joy with the GS community regarding my iPad music instrument. ^_^

CHORDiCA XL just got 5 stars by a songwriter with a pretty impressive background!

"I love this thing! - I write songs and I love this APP because it sounds like songs from the '60s no matter how you tap it. Cool!" - Linn Brown

Linn comes from a family of performing musicians. She studied music education at the University of Illinois, and arranging and composition at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Currently, along with writing and recording, Linn gives music lessons and classes for young children, especially for those with developmental disabilities.

More about Linn :

CHORDiCA XL got another 5 stars from a DC Quadlock.

"Cool - Definitely a cool app for hearing harmonies. Never learned the scoreless music method but not hard to figure out. Cool" - DC Quadlock on iTunes


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