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  • pHghostpHghost London, UKPosts: 2,301Member

    @Lovejoy said:
    I don't like the fact that i can't beat level 3, looks like my gaming skills have diminished throughout the years. Nice game though, creepy indeed, great atmosphere.

    Yes, I was stuck on that one for a long time myself, due to the aforementioned 'bug.' It's a steep difficulty bump, but it goes back to a manageable difficulty in later levels, apart from some similarly icky spots.

    @BigDave I noticed that if you are moving forward and then use the shield, there is some residual movement (glide) and the fireball will knock you back. If you are standing still already, you don't get knocked back at all.

  • app_sauceapp_sauce Posts: 206Member, PRO

    Just finished up the game. I officially cant move my middle finger! I cant wait to try it on mobile.

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  • app_sauceapp_sauce Posts: 206Member, PRO

    I want to try to do a perfect run. You should have an achievement for perfect plays and maybe even a time component for leaderboards. Since its a short game it would give people a reason to play it multiple times.

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  • BigDaveBigDave Posts: 2,239Member

    Ok. 90% of everyone seem to agree. The naked version it will be.
    To bad i paid for the voices but thats no reason to add them if no one likes them.
    thanks already worth pre-posting and getting some feedback.

    @app_sauce Neat feature! Will add that if the game finds appeal as i do not want to clutter the UI with much more things now but yes that would be a great addition I agree.

    About the floating zombies I am a bit worried as their fall speed is kind of measured into the difficulty tuning making them fall faster could make some spots significantly more difficult/easy. Also since they accelerate downwards it also effects their movement speed after landing. I could make them accelerate faster as long they do not touch ground but I am kind of afraid of touching that O_O.

    @pHghost yeah i initially wanted the "push back" always but it seems it only works if they overcome the initial friction by being in movement before blocking.

    I could not reproduce getting hurt on the wall shielding tough.It could also have been fixed as I worked on the shield tweaking in the moment you wrote that initial comment.
    I will try on Arcade today as some things work a bit different there special related to position.

    Removing the game from the Arcade tomorrow.
    Thanks for the feedback!

  • SLOCM3ZSLOCM3Z Posts: 797Member

    This is amazing! Loved it as soon as I started playing!

  • AngryBoiAngryBoi Posts: 586Member

    I better get on this! Everyone is saying this game is AMAZING!! Playing now

  • SocksSocks London, UK.Posts: 12,822Member
    edited December 2015

    @Hopscotch said:
    I agree, unless you can make the female voice as a dry, urgent, hushed sound.

    I almost think the opposite, that the voice should be distant, washed in reverb/ER rather than dry, it should be a little more other worldly, maybe even cheap 80s 8bit robotic . . . but either way I agree that it doesn't really work as it is.

  • tatiangtatiang Posts: 11,815Member, Sous Chef, PRO, Senior Sous-Chef

    ...the walls are closing in and fire is everywhere... they keep spawning all around me... AHHHHHH!!!

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  • jay2dxjay2dx Posts: 610Member

    Hey Dave, I played this longer than I actually thought I would, pretty good game, its like a survival horror version of "not a hero"! nice :)

    id stay away from voices to be honest, or in fact let people turn them on after completing the game maybe, end game unlock! I don't know without hearing them really.

    I like that you cant jump! resident evil! :)

  • SLOCM3ZSLOCM3Z Posts: 797Member

    Removing the game from the Arcade tomorrow.
    Thanks for the feedback!

    PLEASE DON'T!!! Also, level 3 is a little difficult after the beginning two spawners.

  • personal foulpersonal foul Posts: 63Member, PRO

    WOW! really nice. good luck.

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