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Art/Graphics Artist wanted !

TheTTheT Posts: 80Member
I'm looking for somebody to collaborate who can make 2d Graphics in the style of "Zombieville, USA" for an IPhone game.
I'm an IPhone developer, so you don't need to have the sdk.
If you like to engage in a fun and maybe even financial app, write me an PM or just post back. Looking forward to hear from you !
- Nanotic


  • zombotszombots Posts: 186Member
    check out they do all my graphics.
    check out my site and you can see a little bit of what they have done for me
  • JaxterJaxter Posts: 398Member, PRO
    My portfolio under and see my last game demo: Gustav of the Baltics sea
  • TheTTheT Posts: 80Member
    thanks for the links guys, but I am currently looking for someone who I can collaborate with and eventually (and hopefully) share the benefits of the app with, rather than someone I have to pay to make some artworks. Jaxter, your site looks quite professional, are you open to collaboration as mentioned before, or was your intention for a paid job ?
  • TheTTheT Posts: 80Member
    anyone else ?
  • Fafnir312Fafnir312 Posts: 161Member
    I would suggest you put your game together and get it working with stand-in images. Then put out a call for an artist. People are more likely to respond if you have something solid to show.
  • rtteachrrtteachr Posts: 6Member
    I might be interested in helping out. My site is
  • JaxterJaxter Posts: 398Member, PRO
    we already working with TheT :)
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