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Anyone advertising with RevMob? I can't seem to get any ad impressions.

Hey all,

Anyone have any idea how much to bid for interstitial video ads on Revmob?

My app is live in the app store and now I am trying to drum up some installs with an ad campaign. But I can't seem to get any ads placed. I think I may be bidding too low for CPM but am not sure if the stats they are showing me are in real time or not. So I can't tell how much to increase my bid or how long to wait for impressions to start tallying at whatever price I bid.

I thought I could just look at what I am getting paid to host ads and bid that amount. But, if I look at my monetization stats, I see anywhere from $0.00 eCPM to $5.75 with an average of about $0.60. Its all over the map. And I'm pretty sure there is not a direct one to one relationship between eCPM I'm getting paid and CPM I am paying for anyway. This is due to the fact that eCPM includes costs of CPC and CPI, etc.

What to do? Just keep increasing my bid until I see some impressions come in? If so, any idea how quickly they show up?




  • Agent ArgyleAgent Argyle Posts: 188Member, PRO

    Just an update in case anyone is interested.

    I was unable to place Ads with RevMob and never heard back from anyone there. It took 2 days for them to approve my 'creatives' and another 2 days for my $500 deposit to post to the account. I'm trying to drum up downloads before Apple's Dec 22nd freeze so this was less than ideal.

    I tried various amounts and ended up bidding the maximum amounts allowed .35 for CPC and .60 for CPM but nothing got me any impressions. It is possible all the ad stock is being bought up by the big players right now.

    In the end, I asked for my money back via Paypal and they returned the $500 right away. That's the silver lining. This money can now be spent on Facebook and Twitter ads which are yielding thousands of impressions at .01-.02 CPC (though they recommend I bid much higher.)

    One note: If you do twitter ads, be sure to enter your credit card info ahead of time because otherwise you will not be able to upload any artwork or videos.

    Hopefully this post will help you avoid the aggravation I experienced!


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