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Network Get Table from URL - Published not working

GonerGamesGonerGames Posts: 2Member, PRO
edited January 2016 in Tech Support

I have a simple get a json file from my server for the current time - Thanks to Manto for template.
It retrieves the time/date properly when testing within Gamesalad and in the Viewer. As soon as I publish the app, to ad Hoc or TestFlight for IOS, something breaks. It still retrieves the file but does not enter the data.
Much akin to a table ID not lining up properly.
Not sure if this is a bug or I am missing something during the transition.

Link to json file
The table id matches the table id it is importing to.

Thanks in advance for the help.


  • GonerGamesGonerGames Posts: 2Member, PRO
    edited January 2016

    Never mind figured it out. I was checking for https as default and I was using a self signed cert. IOS won't use an unsigned ssl via web as a proper connection. After paying GoDaddy a whopping $5.99 (CAD) my site is now ssl certified and all these issues are now solved.
    On a side note the checkbox for allow any domain in the Gamesalad publishing page would default back to unchecked one second after I checked it. So I was unable to allow it to check this link via regular http.

    Hope this helps anyone else.

  • AiHughesAiHughes Posts: 1Member, PRO

    hello I just published an app using the same type of set up to get table data and it test great but the published app does not display the data. I am afraid I dont understand your answer. is there something I am doing wrong or do I need to format my url differently. it is a non secure url the file is open to the net and no HTTPS

  • HopscotchHopscotch Posts: 2,778Member, PRO

    @AiHughes on the GS publishing page there is an option "Allow App To Talk To Any Domain Insecurely".

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