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Normalman UPDATED

I've updated my new game: Normalman giving it new graphics.
Normalman is a retro-styled game in which the main objective is to avoid the missiles being launched at you. To do so, the player needs to tap and hold the character in the screen and then swipe him across it. The game has a highscore system so player can compare their scores. All of the art in the game has been created by me and the sound effects are copyright free. A free version is also available containing ads. Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments and thanks for reading.

Note: Not sure why this is happening but the free version currently has three black dots on the top of the screen because of iAds (paid version doesn't have iAds and thus no 3 black dots). Don't know how to remove them or what to do as they don't appear on the Gamesalad project. I will be removing the iAds banner and leaving just the chartist interstitial ad to erase the black dots and see if that works.


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