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APP game made entirely of Handcrafted Paper Models[email protected] Posts: 48Member
edited January 2016 in Announce Your Game!

Hi Guys,

After 1 year, I was able to complete my app game "Paper Totem." It was not easy because I was unemployed, but I guess being unemployed has its advantages, you become creative in achieving your dream.

Since I did not have the money to buy a 3d software, I looked for ways to create an app game, thus I resort to picking up my daugther's school scrap paper and used that to create all the models that you will find in Paper Totem.

I hope you try my game, and hope to inspire you to pursue your dream, whatever the odds.

You can download the game here of iOS

Android here:

You can view the trailer on you tube (Paper Totem), and if you have time, please visit my website:

Thanks in advance.
Lone Token


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