New to game development and need help in making my Idea to come to life :(

Hello GameSalad and friends.I just got GameSalad couple of weeks ago and this is my first time on this forum.

So I have this Idea of a game I wanted to create for many years now. The user will use a cannon ball to throw a ball in a rotating 'box' which will be rotating 360 degrees (there will be couple of 'boxes' in the scene) and the user will need to capture 'special items' and then will finish the level off with collecting the items attached to the ball in a cup. I need help on how to go about creating a rotating 'box'.

If you guys ever played donkey kong, you will know what I am talking about. the ball will go from rotating box to rotating box, until they reach the end.

Can anyone here help me how can I make an item rotate and to get that ball in the box? I'm using cannon physics, as my template to create this game. Thank you very much.


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