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Sway - A tilt motion game (massive update!) coming in Feb

http_gamesaladhttp_gamesalad Posts: 1,340Member
edited January 2016 in Announce Your Game!

I've been very hard at work since I ever made the game Sway. It has opened new doors for me and landed me on the news ( link to the interview ). Most of the people who have played it loved it. Because of the simplicity and uniqueness not found in every gaming application (the use of tilt motion). From what people have told me they say I’ve made a very addictive application. One great downfall of the game was the graphics. They were way to minimalistic and didn’t have that professional touch. I had the proof of concept but not the graphics.

I found @approw and he really helped me bring Sway to the next level, with brand new graphics and better mechanics! He gave Sway a “ face lift “ so to say. So I’m very proud to announce an update that is secluded to be released in February! I hope you guys enjoy the amount of work that has gone in this application :). The people who have been with Sway since version 1.0 can really see what has gone into this application. It is basically a brand new app! I think very highly of other application makers opinions, especially the people of Gamesalad! Gamesalad has really helped me find my passion and that is making gaming application. That is why I'm going to go to college to major in Computer Science to farther expand my knowledge! :)

How to play :

It’s simple! Try your best to follow the path. Avoid the black objects or falling of the edge. Move the ball/vehicle by tilting your wrist left and right. Easier said than done!

Use your coins and collect the 8 different colored balls and 5 futuristic unlock-able vehicles. The game also has 10 different stunning HD high resolution scenes!

I really hope you guys really like the look and concept of the application! I went for a very clean look because of the simplicity of the game! I will try and make a video of the game but it isn't 100% done. We just have a few things left but it is screenshot ready!


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