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THROWBALL: My First OFFICIAL Game - Coming Soon!

xJadonxxJadonx Posts: 46Member, PRO
edited January 2016 in Announce Your Game!

Hello Everyone,

I'm super excited to announce a game I've been working on for a long time...

The Start

About a year ago, the idea came while in chemistry class. I wanted to make a game that looked simple and modern but had a nice challenge to it. I also knew I wanted it to be based on the geometry of a circle due to it's simplistic nature. The results came to mind that a slingshot-like method would go great as a mechanic, and not many games use this in the fashion I had.

Behind The Scenes

ThrowBall has been in the works sense mid to late 2015. While in it's early stages, Unity was it's planned game engine. Although all was going well, time began to be the issue. I knew I wanted to get this out as fast as possible while still maintaining high quality standards that GameSalad is capable of doing.

Switching over to GameSalad was not necessarily easy at first. I did not have enough experience at the time (For a game this complex). Many game objects had to communicate with each other efficiently and quickly with little to no extra actors involved. Taking a break and learning more through the forums and playing around on the engine definitely helped.

Once I felt strong enough to go back into hardcore development, ThrowBall finally saw it's light of day.


With a new (more action packed) 3D animated TV spot coming on it's release, this gameplay trailer will be played on the AppStore as the app's preview. Enjoy!


On the game's release, there will be 40 unique levels and various elements that will be introduced throughout the progress you make. Selling price will be $0.99.

The game is currently awaiting app review.


After many hours of programming, critical thinking, testing, designing, animating, scoring, budgeting, and much more, I am pleased to announce the game, ThrowBall. Please share with your friends, as it would defiantly support me! As well as be just plain awesome.

If you have any questions or would like to see more info on the game, visit

I would love to hear what you all have to say! And thanks for the support & feedback!


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