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RocketBrainRocketBrain Posts: 269Member, PRO

Has anybody else gone back and looked at the code from your very first game? Having recently returned after a multi-year hiatus i decided to re-release some of my old games while i relearn the things i've forgotten. Oh the things i've learned since then.

For instance when i first started i didnt know you could make actors transparent or even destroy them! So as a workaround i had learned to hide them behind solid black actors haha.

Or how to edit actors at the game level instead of editing each actor in the scene. Took me forever to find some behaviors until i remembered i had done that.

And then i looked at the last game i had released before i went on hiatus. The programming style and organization was like night and day. I actually looked at the code and said "Did i really do that? Thats amazing"

I hope i can get back to that level (the later one i mean) :smile:


  • GnarlyGnarly canadaPosts: 840Member

    We know what we know. So our games lean towards the logic we understand. I watch a video and learn the simplest thing. It's funny.
    Like when I learnt you could copy and paste a scene. Duh.

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