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    @monkeyboy simian ...for the work involved, it looks like it just wasn't a profitable venture for Apple, and probably seen as a distraction from their other profitable divisions.. and with no profit involved, theres no reason for them to cheapen the quality of apps on the iOS ecosystem by having Ads anymore.

    Lets face it... most customers don't like Ads... they're disruptive and often break the flow of a game. The only people that like them , and often use them abusively, are developers. If it loses some developers, thats no worry for Apple. They probably see it as another positive, as it helps to cull the herd so to speak, and will probably drive away many of the lower quality/unscrupilous developers who often just develop low quality crappy apps just to fill them with Ads.

    So in every sense Apple don't lose anything of value by killing off Ads. They gain in quality, and better user experience though... which are often touted as major goals in the Apple way of thinking...

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    @Approw said:>
    @WildSnake What you are saying is absolutely nonsense.

    We'll check this by a few months later. :smiley:

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    Interesting to see what happens. This is not the death of all ads.

    Removing all ads would put apple in a difficult position competing with Android/Google which is a huge advertisers.

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    @Chunkypixels said:
    So in every sense Apple don't lose anything of value by killing off Ads.

    1. Did they ever mentioned number of apps published on their platform?
    2. Does new customer ever check a number of apps available for the device before buying it?
    3. Do you like to see competition of ideas, developers and their various applications or just money spent on the development and promotion of the next clone?

    So far we see how Apple kills Steve Job's ideas and visions in different directions. Would it be good or bad for them? - Again we'll see. But I'd say Steve knew something about this market to not through his heritage so easily.

    I do remember times when Apple was presented by a couple of that funlly colored iMacs on two desktops at the very far corner of E3 Exhibition. And no one said this couldn't be repeated without Steve again.

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    Even if developer spend hundred hours to make game, we can't escape fact that if something, even a pile of garbage go viral, it will pay off better than other hard worked games, unless you market like monument valley(they spent around 700-800 thousand dollars to make that game). So now by removing Ad, I think the people who earn $20-$90 per day will earn nothing if all ads stop, and only the people who's game go viral will earn all that money. Only my opinion.

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    @WildSnake We will see what happens indeed. Most companies always followed apple's footsteps, it might happen again ifthis works out, but it doesn't matter anyway. just look at the customs point of view: I can choose a phone that has lots of low quality /crappy apps which are mostly free and has some great apps/games, or I choose a phone that doesn't show any ads and pay small amounts of mony to receive really well made/quality apps and games. Besides, a lot of great developers backed out of the mobile industrie because it gets way to crowded in the stores, so maybe the great ones will also come back:)

    @Terrellort_Gaming That might be true, and I'm not going and try to prove you wrong. But, if developers keep publishing rediculous amounts tiny apps and/or games, in a few years, we probably can't make any money anymore at all. You're talking about earning of $20-$90 per month, this used to be $500-$200 (if not more). Can you imagine in a few years from now? I think it's a great thing that apple is trying preserve the market.

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    To apple expand they are looking at china, brazil, india etc....... They are not going to kill free apps with advertising. If you can buy an android phone and get angry birds for free why would I buy an apple phone so I can pay 70 rupees for it??????????

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    With this being said, no matter what happens with Apple Ads... that means there should be more focus on Gamesalad's end on incorporating those must have features for the other market places.

    For example, if you cannot put a free game on the App Store (and make money), you will have to bring in more GPlay users... which means we need GOOGLE PLAY SERVICES

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    @Approw You make an interesting point. So you think that this is Apple's way of weeding out the crApps? I'm currently sooooo close to finally finishing my first game (that I've been working on for just under a year now). I love to fantasise about being a full time game dev but realise that I've got the same chance of wining lotto. Still, I've enjoyed the process of getting to where I am and view this as a hobby. I'm guessing that there's still plenty of room for crApps on Android though.

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    no Ads not equal to no crApps
    Some guys are ready to deliver their crEations for free. :D

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    @gattoman I think it is important to keep things in perspective and not just our focus on our preoccupation with games.

    If you look at any stats from any source about the use of mobile devices, Apple or Android, you will find that playing games is way down the list of what people primarily buy and use their devices for, especially in the high growth markets such as China, Brazil, India, Africa etc.

    In many places people still don't have a landline, a television, a computer or even electricity, but they have a smart phone... and it ain't for playing games. :)

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    I have actually read about this a lot, and in my opinion I highly doubt they will get rid of all ads completely, but instead allow users to block ads which are disruptive and annoying, much like AdBlock. However I must admit there's a huge trend to begin blocking advertisements, and they probably realize ads are becoming a problem for users now, specially the most intrusive ones, which many other companies have also realized. I read that currently, U.S. phone and internet carriers are investigating with the help of a South African company (I forgot the name of it, I'd have to find the article again) on how to allow users to block all ads by preventing all advertiser domains from accessing their networks, as ads are extremely heavy and often make their networks slow. This trend is not just true for mobile phones, but also for website, the print industry and the music industry. Look at the main newspaper and magazine companies, they are loosing ad revenues by the millions to adblockers. Maybe soon enough we'll just have to find a new way to make money.

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    @gattoman said:
    To apple expand they are looking at china, brazil, india etc....... They are not going to kill free apps with advertising. If you can buy an android phone and get angry birds for free why would I buy an apple phone so I can pay 70 rupees for it??????????

    I think that's kind of the point. Apple dominates in Western markets such as the U.S., Europe and Australia, where people are more likely to pay for apps rather than allow ads into their phones. Markets such as India, China and specially Latin America where people don't have quite the resources to pay for apps are more dominated by Google's Android, so maybe they realize that getting rid of ads will not affect them that much as most of their users are already comfortable with paying for apps.

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    So if you have iAds in your published App and once Apple shut the system what happens to that ad script? Basically am I going to have to update my Apps and remove the iAd functions?

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    @lycettebros said:
    So if you have iAds in your published App and once Apple shut the system what happens to that ad script? Basically am I going to have to update my Apps and remove the iAd functions?

    I imagine that when the iAd server no longer responds nothing will happen, just like when there is no ad inventory in a region. So, unless you want to go with a new ad service, and we have a few to choose from now, you don't have to update anything.

  • PhilipCCPhilipCC Encounter Bay, South AustraliaMember Posts: 1,390

    You're welcome.

    Within minutes of answering you I checked my email and found one from Apple reminding everyone that they are shutting iAds down on 30 June.

    @jamie_c and @Armelline I thought they originally intimated that they would be passing the ad business over to a third party? Apple haven't announced anything yet?

  • lycettebroslycettebros Member, PRO Posts: 1,598

    Yes I remember mention of the third party line too however by the direct legal termination of the agreement it looks like that idea has departed.

    As long as I do not have to do anything I am happy. I am getting sick of having to update Apps!

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    @PhilipCC, I got the email too. I guess in the end the service seems like it's just being killed off all together.

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    Ahh well, it was good while it lasted...

    The loss of iAd will pretty much be the nail in my app development coffin. As a part-time developer it's nearly impossible for me to make any money from selling apps. My 99 cent app can't possibly compete with a company that has a staff of 20 people and a marketing budget.

    My free apps get downloaded about 9,000 times more than my paid apps (true: in 2016 I have 9k downloads for a free app, 24 for a paid version)... I make something like 98% of my app income from iAd.

    As a consumer I actually like free apps with (banner) ads. They often have the functionality I need without the risk of spending money one something that's untested. Popup ads are more annoying on any platform...

    If app advertising is slowly being chased out of the app store I suspect I'll be downloading less apps in the future...

  • goonergooner Lancaster, PAMember Posts: 135

    just wondering if there was a popular alternative to iAds, and if so is there a tutorial out there?

    hoping to finally finish my first game by the end of the month and looking for a direction to head in (if i choose to use ads).


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