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Professional Composer / Sound Designer Looking for Work

zminusonezminusone Member Posts: 3


My name is Brian. I'm a professional composer, sound designer based in Los Angeles. I hold a master's and bachelor's degree in music. In addition to traditional music composition and performance, while in school I studied digital signal processing, synthesis, and sound design. I have over 15 years experience writing music and can write in any style - seriously, try me :)

I've got a lengthy demo with all sorts of tracks featuring many different styles up at

or there's the soundcloud, same music different presentation.

Rates are negotiable. Hit me up via the contact form there or via message/reply on here. Again, music, sound design/foley, I even dabble in basic vector graphics, coding and animation... I guess I'm trying to say I might be handy for your project. Check back soon, I will be posting a few more sound design heavy electronic tracks in the near future. Please hit me up! I would love to work on your project!

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