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ARM and x86

FrantoFranto Member Posts: 779
edited February 2016 in Miscellaneous

I found this interesting bit of info while reading on ARM and x86 architecture.

"Although Android uses Java as its principle programming language, it also allows programmers to take their existing code (in C or C++, for example) and create apps. These “native” apps are generally compiled for ARM processors and not always for Intel or MIPS. To get around this Intel and MIPS need to use special translation software which converts the ARM instructions into code for their processors. This of course impacts performance. At the moment MIPS and Intel can claim about a 90% compatibility with all the apps available in the Play Store. That figure is probably closer to 100% when dealing with the top 150 apps."

That would explain a small percentage of users who's games crash while others have no problems, or why some devices run a game slower than a device with comparable performance rates.

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