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Goodbye awesome community!

ApprowApprow Posts: 703Member

Im quitting gamesalad because some features that I need the most are still not coming in 1.25.
I really hoped that they would release 1.25 with the nearest neighbour interpolation scaling option, and more options and improvement for the camera and scene settings, but as seen in the sneak peek video its not going to happen, probably not anytime soon either, and I'm tired of waiting, the tool is limiting my creativity. I received a full license for game maker: studio from the creators of "The Sandbox". They approached me because they loved my pixel art, and asked me if I want to do a promotional artwork with The Sandbox 2 beta, so it will be in the "shared worlds" section when they release the game to the public. I'm really excited moving to game maker because the engine can do everything that I need, and I think it's also time for me to move to a more advanced tool, so I can learn more about game making.

I will be around for 1 more week until my subscription ends (hopefully I can play around with 1.25), after that I'm off to a new and exciting journey of game development. I want to thank the whole community and the gamesalad staff for helping me making my first steps into the world of game making. It has been a great learning curve for the past few years!

With these words being said, I want to say goodbye. I will miss you and the rest of community!




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