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Android no icon

RocketBrainRocketBrain Posts: 269Member, PRO

So I released an game yesterday and the icon showed up fine. Last night I noticed a bug and updated it. That's the only thing I changed but when you download the game the icon is a big white square. I Tried changing the icon and two hours later when the icon update went though it's still a white square. The file is properly formatted and 512x512. It shows up fine in the store but download it again and it's a white box. Emailed Android support and they said it'll take two days to get back to me. Any ideas?

The game is also apparently really hard to find for some reason even if you search for it by name. Trying to find out the problem there too.

To find the game you have to search for "RocketBrainGames", and it's called "The Rocket Game", my kids made me promise to use that name lol


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