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Google Adwords

So i currently have three simple games out on Android,

"The Rocket Game" free with advertising & one IAP for shields & no ads
"Don't Eat My Cheese', $0.99
"Frustratio", $0.99

Mainly doing experiments for advertising I'm using Adwords. I put a budget up of $50.40/day with a $0.60 bid per install (84 installs before the ad pauses) for each of the paid games and a budget of $1 with a bid of $0.01 per click for the free one. So my total daily budget $101.40.

Last night the ads went crazy for the paid ones. Its up to almost 500k impressions, 4000 clicks, my youtube videos are showing 100+ views overnight each.

This all sounds well and good except according to their stats and google developer console i have 0 downloads and conversions.

Whats happening? I'm getting nervous that i misunderstood the install bit because adwords says my cost is about $99 but nobody has installed my games. I'm hoping the data for installs/conversions is just delayed.

Yes i know this bid strategy only nets me about a dime per install but like i said its an experiment and who knows
100,000 * $0.10 is not a bad take for games i made in my free time. But at this point i'd be happy with one install lol.


  • RocketBrainRocketBrain Posts: 269Member, PRO

    I'm starting to suspect i misunderstood the bid per install.

  • MoikMoik Posts: 257Member, PRO

    How would you describe the issue with bid per install? Like, what should we be wary of based on what you're seeing?

  • RocketBrainRocketBrain Posts: 269Member, PRO

    well it doesnt look like i'm getting any downloads. I was under the impression that the bid per install is quite literally we don't pay unless the person installs the app.

  • RocketBrainRocketBrain Posts: 269Member, PRO

    Ok so i called Adwords support and had to berate my way past their first line of defense. That person barely understood english. I got to a "boss" and explained the situation. she says i was being charged on a Charge per click basis. I said but i selected Charge Per Aquisition and she said that i shouldnt have been able to select that unless i had met a minimum number of conversions while on the CPC. So....yeah. They're supposedly going to call me back when they figure out what happened. They better not f*ing charge me CPC.

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