30 Days - W.I.P

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Hello GS,

While King and the Dead hits the stores, I have been busy on my next game. 30 Days.

30 Days isn't quite a game, more of a story.
You play as a detective who has moved to a new town to solve a missing persons case turned murder.
You can use your skills to find out more information.
After 30 Days, you pick a suspect and the game will then (hopefully) decide if your suspect is guilty and what charges will be given based on the evidence you find.
You then get a paycheque based on the charges which acts like a highscore.

Currently trying to perfect the mechanics of it all. I have two writers, plus myself, working on the story.
If anyone is interested in these type of games, I will be looking for beta testers in a week or two to help. If interested, shoot me a PM with your details to be added to the team.
Thanks for viewing.


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