Google Cardboard + GameSalad + MLP = VR is Magic

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So this isn't real google cardboard support and even the way I'm doing the hack is technically incorrect, but it was fun to try it out. Google

What I do is split the scene in half and use the left half as the "control" actor.
The right actor is constrained to the position of the left actor with an offset of a few pixels if it's not in the center.

Clicking on the right or left of the screen moves the pony. If you actually have a Google Cardboard headset, you can move the pony by tilting your head left and right (I also didn't adjust for rotation, so test it out before putting in the headset).

This does give a kind of parallax effect, but to do it right I'm going to need 3 actors.
One as a control actor and two that you actually see that have the correct offsets (both screens need an offset for a better 3d effect).


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