Issue with change scene and display text

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Display text containing a changing table reference does not update anymore

Example 1: Total score in clicker game remains fix on one number even tough you click and increase the values
(Happens in all my cookie clicker games right now)

Example 2: Shown health potion is not longer shown to be subtracted on button click but reseting the scene does show the correct amount again. This also effects conditions as you should not be able to take a potion if you have none. Due this issue the text is not only not changing it also does not stop the player from keep on using it. When you change the scene, the correct amount is shown and can be somewhere in the range of "-", there for the condition was ignored during the issue.

Both worked fine on the last launch and still works fine in the live versions. But with the current engine they don't work anymore.

After a change scene behaviour with the current build of the game engine the issue appears.
A second change scene removes the issue and on the next is back again.

Games released with previous versions of gamesalad last (4months ago) did not have the issue
and I did not change anything in the project files since then.

I actually tested the live versions for it and they are working fine, launched with previous game salad versions.

I also re-downloaded the project files from the publishing page to build it once more just to get sure I did not break anything by myself.

The re-downloaded version showed the same problems in the current engine via in game simulator and adhoc version.
While there live versions, the exact same project file, in the store build with the previous version of game salad does work fine.


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