Publishing stage, but first, testing.

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Hey friends,

I'm close to submitting my game for a review, however I want to test my game on different devices.
How can I do that?
Do I buy the iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6+ and an iPad and make sure they all work on each device or is there a different way that you're supposed to test..?

Thank you guys!

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  • allc1865allc1865 Posts: 777
    Accepted Answer

    I figured it out. Once you remove the SIM card from a phone, as long as you don't reformat the phone after the SIM is removed, you can still use it out of wifi and put your game on that.
    If you so happen to reformat after the SIM is removed, put the SIM back in the phone and set it up again, then take it out.

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