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Hello guys,
I'm trying to setup game center leaderboard in my game. I can't find anything in the cookbook, I'm pretty surprised about that. Am I looking in the wrong place?

I also checked here on the forum, but I found some videos that are pretty out of date (2011 or so, itunes connect is completely different as well as game salad).

I'm pretty sure I did everything alright, but in itunes connect the Leaderboard status is "Not Live", what does it mean?

Also, the build on testflight can connect to GameCenter correctly, but I don't see the scores appear in the chart.

Is there a detailed guide/troubleshooting thing anywhere?

This here is how I login in my first screen (I read somewhere here on the forum that is better to put a timer or to put the behavior not as the first thing in the scene)

This is how I post the score


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