TO THE CASTLE - A ghoulie epic adventure! (by Dodozen)

Hi guys,

We're Dodozen, a small indie group very pasionate for (retro) videogames, we would like to share you our latest project witch is our second arcade game for mobile & tablets (and PC/Steam in a near future):

A ghoulie epic adventure for


TO THE CASTLE it's a frantic and platformer game that takes all the vibrant mood of those good and old platform arcade classics like Ghouls n Ghosts or Megaman with re-imagined controls adapted for handheld devices.

-Release trailer-

You play as Sir Petronius, a brave knight trying to advance through crazy levels jumping, collecting coins, dashing in order to get rid of the enemies and reaching eventually the level exit.

The game has an integrated level editor where players can create his own dungeons, share them with the rest of the users (cross platform android-ios) and receive rewards for them.

-Integrated editor-

There are a variety of levels and traps that will make Sir Petronius' trip more and more dangerous as he moves through the 3 worlds (60 levels) that compound the single player game.

Besides, with the coins you collect along the levels, you can buy a variety of special power-ups that will help you in your adventure: Shields, Amulets, Hearts, Special attacks…



  • Retro pixel art style
  • True arcade action
  • Single player campaign (A total of 60 levels spread on 3 mysterious worlds)
  • Integrated level editor
  • Explore the custom dungeons from other people around the world
  • Cross platform servers (shared info and levels between iOs and Android)
  • Lot’s of collectable coins and equipment

For more info & media about...

To The Castle:


We really hope you enjoy it and please feel free to share your thoughts

  • Dodozen Team


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