The GameSalad March (2016) Game of the Month is...

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... Crazy Comets - by Sanxion Digital Ltd.!

Congratulations to Sanxion Digital Ltd., developer of our March GameSalad Game of the Month!

Crazy Comets stole the show this month! Sanxion Digital Ltd has crafted a fun pick-up-and-play game with a fantastic accelerometer mechanic, power-ups, and a character shop! The fun art, sound effects and design all work together to create a fun arcade game! This game is absolutely fantastic and we know you'll enjoy it too so be sure to pick it up on the App Store!

Honorable Mentions:

Machine Gun Hero by @8bitninja !

Man, was the decision this month hard. We picked Crazy Comets as the GotM, but Machine Gun Hero was a very close second! I can literally play this game non-stop it's so fun and simple! @8bitninja has once again created a great hit with Machine Gun Hero! Be sure to pick it up on the App Store!

Congrats again to our March Game of the Month Winner and our honorable mention! Until next month!


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