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I am currently making a tower defense game and you place towers using drag & drop. Each tower needs a range for when it starts shooting at enemies. How do I make the tower rotate to the most front enemy that is inside the tower's range? I cannot use global attributes because there is an unknown number of towers placed and I only want to effect a specific tower.


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    @simy62482 Hey , i attached a demo but its not perfect , although it might help , this is the simplest way , but there are better ways.

    Hope it helps.

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    Nice demo!

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    It was helpful (also inspired me to make another game), but is there a way to not use global attributes since the tower is bought and spawned into the game by another buy actor, so I need multiple enemy x and y's for when different towers are triggered by different enemies. The problem is that there is no way to transfer an enemy's position x and y directly to a tower without using global attributes or tables.

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