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Trouble with GameSalad Viewer (Kindle)

AnaBradleyAnaBradley Posts: 8Member

I am having issues with the GameSalad viewer on Kindle Fire. I have no issues connecting to the GameSalad viewer on my iPhone or iPad. Up until today, I have had no issues connecting to the Kindle.

I have restarted the Kindle several times. I have also killed the app several times. I have restarted my computer, and restarted the GameSalad software. I have double and triple checked they are on the same network. I have also tried using a different network.

Sometimes it says "Connected to wifi - Waiting for GameSalad Creator" and other times it says "Connected to wifi - GameSalad Creator not found" however it never shows up in GameSalad as a device I can preview on.

Again, it worked fine until today, and then suddenly stopped working. I don't see how it's relevant, but incase it is, my trial expired and I purchased a pro account between when it last worked and now.

Also: it says "Listening on USB" which I assumed meant I could just plug in my device to USB to preview the game. Less convenient than wifi but whatever. So I tried plugging it in, and it still didn't show in GameSalad creator.

Any ideas?


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