SPACE Crash Z Update 1.1

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Space Crash Z is a game about a spaceship traveling in space but accidentally enters an asteroid belt and is hit by an asteroid. The ship crash lands on a mysterious planet in a deep cave and is unable to get out due the damage done to the ship. Soon bloodthirsty alien creatures sense the crash site and begin to attack the ship in terrifying hordes. A distress signal is sent into space demanding urgent rescue. The only thing left is to survive the alien attack until the ship is rescued. Fortunately the ship has 4 powerful weapons to hold off the alien hordes. However these weapons are severely damaged and are unable to function fully. These four weapons are:

Laser Gun (Gear 1)
Freeze Gun (Gear 2)
High Voltage Sword (Gear 3)
High Powered Vortex Gun (Gear 4)

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