Coin Run! - An amazingly fun game.

Hello fokes from GameSalad!

Today im announcing my first app made with GameSalad.

It's called Coin Run and is a 8-Bit / 16-Bit style game.

The app is a simple yet fun game to experience.

The video down below shows some gameplay!

I'm currently working on unlockable characters (and some easter eggs ;) )

Anyways i'd really appreciate some feedback.

Thanks in advance!

Tristan Koot.


  • BazookaTimeBazookaTime Member Posts: 1,274

    Are you going to put in some falling hazards (things not to collect) ?

  • Tristan.KootTristan.Koot Member Posts: 5

    @BazookaTime said:
    Are you going to put in some falling hazards (things not to collect) ?

    I Have no clue what i can or can't change about the gameplay we'll see!

  • KevinCrossKevinCross London, UKMember Posts: 1,893

    If it's game over if they miss a coin you will need to make it so that two coins aren't spawned at each side of the screen at the same time making it impossible to collect both. Right at the end of your video it was game over because a coin dropped at each side of the screen.

    You will need to improve your coin spawning code so that will never happen otherwise that will just annoy people.

    Looking good though and adding a few items that they have to avoid will make the game a little harder like falling anvils etc. Again just make sure you don't spawn a coin right underneath an object they're meant to avoid. Spawn it close, just don't spawn it in a way that it's impossible to collect the coin without it being instant game over.

    Good luck

  • Tristan.KootTristan.Koot Member Posts: 5

    I've added a bomb that falls every now and then and if you hit it it retracts 5 coins from the score

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