HI! 14 yrs old and wanna be Indie game developer need advice!

I am just a 14 year old who want to become an indie game developer ( like Notch!) I tried Unity 3d because everything 3d is really cool but it was too complex for me even after my dad teaching me! But it not really programming but the other parts of it such as sculpting creating scenes and .I decided to go to gamemaker studio which i found a lot easier and better to understand but since my dad didn't know gml i self taught myself and in around 2 weeks I started making an rpg for fun :smiley: . I think that rpgs are really long and this ones probably gonna take ages. I really liked mobile games as well so i thought why not go to Gamesalad as its made for ios and androids mostly. I am still a newb and i really need some advice on the sound editing and graphics part of making a game so what softwares you use and etc. I am not planning to make games like quake or fps and i am not publishing as i am too young for that unless my dad wanted to :smiley: . I just wanna make some simple games my friends could have a laugh over but nevertheless i still want to impress them :wink:


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