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Space Quartz (Android) - new version is out!

mhedgesmhedges Raised on VCSPosts: 634Member

Hello -

Space Quartz for Android has been updated! The focus of the update is on player customization.

A new Options screen provides the player with a set of variables for customization, which include the following:

  • Display - the player can choose between the original display and a retro-looking CRT emulation, with CRT-like stripes running down the display.
  • Color - the player can choose between a color or a black-and-white experience.
  • Background - the player can choose to keep or remove the nebula background.
  • Music - the player can choose to mute the music.
  • Sounds - the player can choose to mute the sounds.

If you have a Twitter account, you can tweet your accomplishments to your followers by tapping on the Twitter icon.

Download and customize to taste! Leave the original settings on to play in this decade.

Or turn on the CRT emulation to go back to the nineties.

Or go back in time to the beginning of the video arcade by clicking off everything except the sounds!

The iOS version will follow soon.

Space Quartz at the Google Play Store:


  • tmanntmann Posts: 278Member

    Looks good - plays well on my Google Tango :)

    One little thing - I know the use of all uppercase text is a style thing but it becomes almost unreadable for instructions credits etc, especially with a mono font.

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