Super Dot Jump - Now Available on GS Arcade

sdj_box2web photo dot_jump_box_new_web_zpsxeras4bu.jpg

After three years, my project, Super Dot Jump has finally been released. Some of you may remember it from this forum back in 2013. It is an NES-style, 8bit platform game inspired by Super Monkey Ball and Donkey Kong. It features 100 short, but challenging levels, with new obstacles in each 10-level world. I created all of the music, design, art, and story by myself using, Pixlr Editor, GarageBand, and of course, GameSalad. In this game, the first of four in the Super Dot Jump series, you will find out why fellow aliens have been disappearing from your city in the center of the moon. The game was originally planned as an iOS release, but after several delays, I decided to release it as a free online game instead. It is now available to play on the Arcade here, as well as my own website. You can follow my own website, as well as Google Plus for information on the sequel, which will begin development after I finish learning Unity.


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