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arnold g streat III

squirturtl8squirturtl8 Posts: 2Member, PRO

just published my app in the Apple App Store. My Leaderboards aren't updating. I have back tracked to fine what I did wrong with not luck. Im currently running on macbook pro EL Capitan. they have recently removed the sandbox option, so im not sure how i should implement the testing phase that i have read on this site. I have tried publishing an ad hoc version of the app to the ituneconnect. but it keeps returning missing beta entitlement. On the game itself the button seems to work fine. It logs into game center and pulls up the leaderboards I requested, but it doesn't update and post the scores that were reported in mac creator. Could someone please give me a play by play on how I can set this up to work correctly. I know im just missing something. I just don't know what it is. Thank you


  • Look Creative, L.L.CLook Creative, L.L.C Posts: 5Member, PRO

    Hey @squirturtl8,

    First of all "Missing Beta Entitlement" is an issue with your provisioning profile; it probably expired or you code signed your app with the wrong profile – Make sure you sign it with a distribution profile when uploading to iTunes Connect. Also, if you're not Ad Hoc testing, how can you tell that Game Center logs in and loads the leaderboard?

    Regarding leaderboards not updating, it sounds like you're missing a behavior for updating leaderboard scores. If you DO have the "Post Score" behavior implemented, its either an issue with either the logic that triggers it, or you have the incorrect leaderboard ID and/or score attribute filled into the behavior (or both).

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