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Mac Desktop Publishing and unprotected apps

FrantoFranto Member Posts: 779

Has anybody ever dwelved into it? I was about to upload a Mac App version of my game to the Amazon store, but wanted to know if anybody has hints and tips for this? Like maybe using download + code, or download + redemption? Download only with a premium purchase being the only border to game accessibility would leave the game to getting torrented, and I did find the Amazon Tv version of a game I had being hosted on a foreign pirating site when I searched for it on Google about a year ago.

It appears only games with ads or codes are usually safe from this. There was that one guy who's game got "pirated" in several asian countries, but since he had ads in them, it instead increased his ad revenue several fold.

So put some ads in your game or have it in-app purchase locked, so that the pirating works against them rather than you.

Because a fully accessible game will work against you in this day and age without any of those safeguards.

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