Missing bit on logic for "baseball event"

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Hello -

I've been trying to come up with the most simple, reusable code for handling a hit event in a baseball game. It's related to the batter's hit and the men already on base.

I believe that a loop can handle the men on base going to the next, but I'm stuck on first (here we go, bad pun time! :D ). Here's what I have come up with (I assume you can figure out what the variables and commands are):

Loop Until TempValue = HitValue
Base4Value = Base3Value
Base3Value = Base2Value
Base2Value = Base1Value
Base1Value = ?

If Base4Value = 1 Then
Runs = Runs +1
Base4Value = 0
End If

TempValue = TempValue + 1

End Loop

HitType would be 1 for single, 2 for double, 3 for triple, 4 for Home Run. So the men would run according to the hit type. Therefore, a previous event will determine what HitType is equal to (just prior to the Loop).

I understand it would be more logical to have the man closest to Home go first so the base would then be filled with the second-closest man and so on.

Based on the above, I am stuck on how the batter can "move" x number of bases.

Any ideas before I strike out on this (groan!)

Thanks, regards.


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    I think I got, it but since I am about to go out the door, I'll write it here:

    Inside the Loop:
    Base1Value = 0
    Base1Value = Base1Value + 1

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