"Random" Interstitial Ads

I know you can call interstitial ads when changing a scene but I am wanting to have an interstitial ad pop up every 3rd "try again". Is there a method anyone is currently using to have interstitial ads but never every change scene?


  • Spalding004Spalding004 Member, BASIC Posts: 89

    Just put two "change scene" behaviors in a conditional.

    Say you want to do it by the number of attempts. Track that with an integer attribute (TRIES, for example) and have something like this:

    If (numeric expression) mod(TRIES,3) = 0
    Change Scene (show ad)
    Change Scene (no ad)

    The mod() expression takes the integer TRIES, divides it by 3 (or whatever number you specify) and returns the remainder. So, when TRIES is 1 it returns 1, 2 = 2 and 3 = 0. So, every third result is 0, which will give you the effect you want.

  • Dayton App CompanyDayton App Company Member, PRO Posts: 12

    That did the trick. Thanks for the help Spalding

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