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Free Level Editor

MantoManto Member Posts: 795
edited June 2016 in Working with GS (Mac)

As some of you know I started working on a custom level editor for GameSalad in 2013. Since then I have written the program entirely from scratch in a different language to support more features and improve performance.

You can now download the full version for free (see the link below). I hope you will find it useful :)


  • Select multiple actors
  • Grid, snap-to-grid
  • Zoom In/Out
  • Positon, size, rotation input fields for fast changes

Improvements over old version:

  • Projects can be now opened from anywhere
  • Native UI
  • Faster project loading and better performance
  • And more!


  • There's no guarantee that your projects will not break, so I recommend to make backups (although I have not heard or seen this happen with any project).
  • You can use it for non-commercial and commercial projects
  • Works on Mac and Windows
  • Java is required




  • Hold space + click and drag to move the view
  • D - duplicate
  • Click and drag from empty space for rectangular selection
  • Others shown in the menu bar

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