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Roll Turtle is 33% OFF for a LIMITED TIME. Don't miss out!

kirafukirafu Posts: 311Member
edited June 2016 in Announce Your Game!

The GameSalad May (2016) Game of the Month is Roll Turlte!
Very pleased to receive this honor
To celebrate Roll Turtle Featured in the GameSalad’s Game of the Month, Roll Turtle offer 33% OFF for a limited time ( 6/4 ~ 6/18).
Roll Turtle is NO iap, No ads, PAY ONCE AND PLAY FOREVER game! Don't miss out!
app store:
new trailer:

I appreciate all who have already got intrested in Roll Turtle, it is time to get it :)


  • kirafukirafu Posts: 311Member
    edited June 2016

    "All Level Perfect!"

    Roll Turtle

    First All Level Perfect Player!
    After game released 2 weeks, finally someone did it!
    Roll Turtle All Level Perfect is really hard and challenge, and this player just use Daddy Turtle did it!
    Great player! great skill! it's amazing!
    Who's next?;)

    Roll Turtle

    "Congratulations of the great achievement!!! It's extremely hard to collect all the crowns, however, it's possible~ Thanks for your excellent work, I really have a great time during these days!!!"

    Glad to see it happen!
    This player post on Roll Turtle Facebook page :D

    "GameSalad Game of the Month!"
    33% OFF for a limited time ( 6/4 ~ 6/18).
    It is not a Baby game, even though it looks very cute, some player say this game is the Dark Souls style of cute game with fun, if you want to try it, Don't miss out!
    app store:
    And don't hesitate to let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions. thank you :)

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