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Game progress...

Hello! Just found GameSalad. Community looks awesome! This post will pretty much be progress I am making on my first game. Starting with art, and then code. This post may take weeks, or months, I don't know! Progress art, demo character:

Game will be open world!


  • Bowhill GamesBowhill Games Posts: 191Member

    ha love the art style, did you use inkscape?
    Just some advice start with the building blocks out your game first, before you start going to far with the art.


    story / missions,

    I have around 20 designs with all art finished that I never turned into full games, because about halfway through the process I discovered the game wasn't as good in reality as it was on paper.

    (site currently under construction)
  • imjustmikeimjustmike Posts: 450Member

    Just to echo what @Bowhill Games said - making your first game be an open world game is a HUGE challenge. Not to say that you won't finish it, but the number one rule when starting out is make your first game something you can finish. It doesn't even need to be something you want to share once it's done.

    Start with something simple, like pong, or asteroid, or even the original Mario game. Then make it better. Better art, different mechanics etc. The danger with having something so complex (open world are the hardest games to make) is that you'll never finish it and will put you off game development forever!

  • YeezyHypeBeastYeezyHypeBeast Posts: 60Member

    @Bowhill Games @imjustmike Thanks for feedback guys. I use Photoshop. I'll take your advice and map the game out first in GameSalad and add art as I go. I've used other programs in the past to make games so maybe I won't need any practice. Ill make sure to question here if I have any problems! Thanks

  • jamie_cjamie_c Posts: 5,579Member, BASIC
  • YeezyHypeBeastYeezyHypeBeast Posts: 60Member

    Thanks! @jamie_c

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