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How to let item follow one another in swift succession?

WeiyuWeiyu Posts: 215Member, PRO
edited June 2016 in Working with GS (Mac)

Hello everyone!

I want to make a button can change image in order.
Like this :

If I touch button, The image.A will change image B→C→D→E for 5 sec.
And end in the same image.(image.A)

I know GS have a function that is "Random" , that is a great function, but I want to let image follow one another in swift succession, not random. :s

Please help me><"


  • imjustmikeimjustmike Posts: 450Member

    Use a consistent naming convention for your images, ending with a number eg image_01, image_02 etc.
    Control the image using a integer self attribute.
    Then you can increase the self attribute and the images will change to match.

    For more info search on custom fonts as that implementation will do what you're looking

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