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State of GameSalad on June 6th 2016

CodeWizardCodeWizard Posts: 1,143Key Master, Head Chef, Executive Chef, Member, PRO GameSalad Employee

Hi everyone!

I know it's been a while since I posted an update about what's happening here at GameSalad. Seems like now is a great time to share the latest. Let's jump right in!

The rumors are true. I've stepped down as CEO of GameSalad and passed the baton to Brent Dusing. Why, you ask? Two reasons:

  1. Brent is better suited to lead the company in our new education focus. I'm woefully out of sync with that market and those customers. He's got great ideas on how to direct the company there and I'm glad he's joined us!

  2. I've been working @ GameSalad for over 3 years now. I'm getting a bit burned out with the day-to-day operations of the company. I'm relieved to have Brent stepping in and taking on these responsibilities.

I'm going to continue working in a technical capacity with GameSalad. I'm a damned good engineer that knows the GS codebase very well. So I'll continue leading the charge on making product improvements and fixes. No worries there!

What about the crazy slowdowns in Mac Creator since 10.11.5? I'm working on them now and expect to have a build ready for testing over the next week. Sorry for the delay on this.

Rest assured that GameSalad is moving forward and we're going to continue taking good care of you guys. I'll post more info on build status soon.




  • The_Gamesalad_GuruThe_Gamesalad_Guru Posts: 9,901Member
  • Braydon_SFXBraydon_SFX Posts: 9,012Member, Sous Chef, PRO, Bowlboy Sidekick GameSalad Employee

    Good news - thanks @CodeWizard ! I know a lot of people will be relieved!

  • DuesDues Posts: 1,159Member

    Great news! @CodeWizard :)

  • johnnymagnejohnnymagne NorwayPosts: 112Member

    That´s great news! I will continue to pay mye monthly fee - keep it up @CodeWizard

  • ArmellineArmelline Posts: 4,604Member, PRO

    Awesome! Really glad you're sticking around, very relieved to have someone so provenly effective tackling the tech debt! Looking forward to seeing how things shake out now!

    GameSalad has had my unwavering support for 7 years (well 6 really, my first year I was more of a lurker) and will continue to have it for as long as we get the pleasure of using it!

  • HypnorabbitHypnorabbit SingaporePosts: 125Member, PRO
    edited June 2016

    Except that the reality TV or Soap Opera is muted on the TV so you have no idea what is going on.

    @CodeWizard thanks for the response. Can you please just put all your efforts into fixing the current bug asap which renders the Creator useless? As a paying PRO user I would appreciate it! I'm sure the new CEO will be discussing next steps and the future focus of GS, which I will also be very keen on hearing.

  • PhilipCCPhilipCC Encounter Bay, South AustraliaPosts: 1,366Member, BASIC

    @CodeWizard I opened the Forum this morning with great trepidation and my belief that if I put my intention on what I want, instead of on what I don't want, then it will manifest. It did... you are back! :smiley:

  • LivieGamesLivieGames Posts: 44Member

    @CodeWizard OMG thank you!!! This news has made my day!
    So happy to hear things are being sorted.

  • @CodeWizard Its nice to see you back, but it concerns me that priority will be given more to educational package than pro members that is really saddening as we have been working in our projects for so long and now you are saying you will shift priority.. please let us know what does it means.. as without proper software updates and features GS will be less satisfying as it is already lacking so many basic features..

  • HypnorabbitHypnorabbit SingaporePosts: 125Member, PRO

    Thanks @CodeWizard for the clarifications and think this could be a step in the right direction for GS. Looking forward to it! More importantly, look forward to you getting that fix out there ASAP! :tired_face:

  • UtopianGamesUtopianGames Posts: 5,677Member
    edited June 2016

    Seems clear that GS is going all out for the educational side of things as there's more money to be made if they can get into a few schools and colleges.

    I think it fits this area well as its easy for teachers and kids to use with plenty of learning material like videos and templates out there already.

    As its probably going to be marketed to schools as an introduction to coding they also wont have to add features like joints or snap to grid or whatever new features we've been after so less pressure on the team.

    It might mean we wont get many new features as they simply concentrate on keeping it updated to run with the latest OS and handle customer support but sadly you have to go where the real money is to survive in todays world.

    IMO CodeWizard is the only guy working on GS and he needs a rest by the sounds of it! my guess is the new contract for CW will be a 10 hour week so he can persue his other interests while giving him enough time to keep GS ticking over.

  • IceboxIcebox Posts: 1,472Member

    Does this mean we shouldnt expect exe ? Steam ? Other features on the list ?

  • pinkio75pinkio75 Posts: 770Member, PRO

    sad news about GS...
    honestly few certainties, few answers,
    maybe it's time to change... :(

  • ChunkypixelsChunkypixels Posts: 1,113Member
    edited June 2016

    As I've mentioned in the other thread, GS staff have confirmed to me that the push towards education means they'll only be adding or updating for things that the educational sector requests, once they've got the current build fixed and fully working again. I was told if anything, any future development on the tool will be to make it simpler to better suite the target age of the educational market.

    So in a bizarre turn of events,it may actually finally get some UI improvements, but pretty much anything else on the feature request list isn't likely to now happen.

    I don't know if the plan is only to have Codewizard provide support, or if they plan to ramp up with new dev staff in the future, so that's something I'd still like to hear from the new CEO.

  • lycettebroslycettebros Posts: 1,598Member

    In its current state GS is 'OK' for teaching environments but there licensing mechanisms holding them back from being picked up. Eg. I do not think they have a server licensing system and this is essential in big schools/universities. (one payment of a license to share across many machines). i could be wrong on this please correct me if required.

  • UtopianGamesUtopianGames Posts: 5,677Member
    edited June 2016

    @imjustmike Third party plugins sounds good but not from me (not sure about Wayne) as i don't even have a basic license anymore and moved away from GS a while back, i only come here to see how things are going and chat to old timers.

    If what @Chunkypixels says above is true, its not looking good for you guys :(

  • IceboxIcebox Posts: 1,472Member

    Yes if they don't plan to add more features and updates in the future then there is no point in using GS anymore atleast for me , I thought with custom collisions/fonts we would start to see more features coming + steam and exe got me all excited. I didnt think they would leave all that and focus on education alone :)

  • HypnorabbitHypnorabbit SingaporePosts: 125Member, PRO

    As long as they fix the current build and maintain it in-line with new iOS changes, I have no problem with that. Our existing feature set is enough for me and I still believe there's a goldmine to be found in GS development. Anything on top of that with regard to the new educational focus is icing on the cake! :)

    Look forward to hearing what the CEO has to say.

  • Well, lots of missing feature, it holds me release a great game and promoting our app/games such as leaderboard support in android (dont mention Kindle please), facebook integration, and more .. and they will now never look at this anymore as educational need is only running basic GS without any features!!

  • Jeffm2Jeffm2 Posts: 61Member, PRO

    I'm hoping "education" means developing educational games.

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