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JumpSki (iOS)


After spending recent months concentrating on contract work, I finally got time to get back to some GS game project tinkering. Ive got a stack of half finished projects, so figured it was time to finish some. So I present to you JumpSki, available completely free (no Ads or iAPs) on iOS.

The game is basically a reversed and expanded reskin of @DeepBlueApps Death Jump 3 template. I was working on some client reskin work before Christmas, that included an adult themed HTML game using the template as a basis, and I was really impressed at how cleanly put together the template was, so I decided to buy a copy for myself, and use it as the base for what would essentially be a portfolio piece, for showing to prospective clients.

The game has been sat pretty much 95% complete since January... but finally got around to polishing it off last week.

So yup... shouts out to Darren @DeepBlueApps for a great template.

Also shouts out to @Eric Matyas too, as Ive used one of his many great free tunes in the game.


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