Want to buy a game


i want to buy a game for our site.

Short info:

  • Site is made in custom Content Management System
  • Game needs to be one infinite level that gets progressively faster
  • Main char can go up and down, can shoot, need to avoid some stuff (some obstacles), need to pick up some stuff (lets say gifts), need to shoot some stuff (some enemies)
  • When you are hit with and obstacle or an enemy you die
  • You get points for time spent alive, enemies shot and gifts picked up
  • There is a 50 people leader board
  • When you die a message pops up (will write text of the msg if we make a deal) and you get a button to start over

Please contact me with info what needs to be be done so this can be implemented and with a price range.

Thank you and sry if this is not the right place for this question.


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