Users can share on Facebook, SMS, Email, Twitter and Google +. 1Tap2Share

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Hi everyone,

We at 1Tap2Share have a new FREE Custom Social Tool. Come try it out!

Our goal is to create an easy to use tool that allows users to share your content through social media!

With this easy to use tool you can really get the most out of GameSalad.
Share on Facebook, SMS, Email, Twitter and Google +.

Simple integration into any project.

Here is our new website (link is in the signature):

How to use 1Tap2Share,

Steps to use custom social behaviors.

  1. Download the free template that I have attached.
  2. Head over to our website.
  3. Register for an account.
  4. Log In.
  5. Click the "Sync" button in the left menu bar.
  6. Soon after you should see a notice that your files have been synced. You should be redirected.
  7. Find the social extension you want to work with. (ie. SMS, Facebook, Email...)
  8. Enter your message and hit "Update"
  9. The page should refresh with your message visible
  10. Grab the URL that is provided according to your message
  11. Insert the url into the template's Social table
  12. Test to verify that the link is working.
    That's it. Updates are real time. No worrying about if you set up the correct message or not.
    Add whatever messages or links you want.

Need integration in your app? Send me an email.

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