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Loco Pollito ( IOS /Android / Kindle )

luke2125luke2125 Posts: 225Member, PRO

Loco Pollito is a crazy chick that loves to eat worms....Nothing can get in his way, in eating those juicy worms, except obstacles and Big Bosses. The objective of the game is for Loco Pollito to eat as many worms, while avoiding obstacles. Also, Loco Pollito will battle a random Big Boss, everytime it eats +50 Worms. The game is over, when the health of Loco Pollito reaches zero. This game has Game Circle, so the player can post their scores. This game is for the whole family, so how many worms can Loco Pollito eat? pollito&qid=1462719143&ref_=sr_1_1&sr=8-1

God Bless....




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