How long has GS not been able to have both banner and Interstial on AdMob?

Tried loading both for admob and it failed. I got an error message saying they are working on it and if I'm not mistaken it used to work just fine. So I'm curious as to how long this has been a problem. Anyone with any idea?

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  • weblantisweblantis Posts: 110
    Accepted Answer

    The cookbook stated:

    "AdMob can only be used for either Banner or Interstitial ads. You cannot have both in your app, but you can use AdMob along with another ad network."

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  • fmakawafmakawa Member Posts: 559

    @weblantis that wasn't quite the answer. I know both don't work. I was wondering for how long this has been issue. Anyway, its fine. thanks for the response.

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